Beauty in the year 2019 can be mind boggling! We are faced with too many choices, choosing skincare to suit your skin type and choosing make up to suit your skin tone and choosing which of the extensive list of beauty treatments you need from waxing, tinting, threading, eyelash extensions, gel polish, lash lifts, facials, massage, in fact the list is almost endless. For some reason we seem to be striving to look like anyone but ourselves and I entered the beauty business with a simple aim in mind –

“I believe my job is to find what makes you feel beautiful and tailor your treatments to ensure you walk out the beauty room with confidence in you”

Beauty is diverse and what is beautiful to one may not be so beautiful to another but one thing we all have in common is choice. Making informed choices when it comes to which beauty treatments/make up/skincare to use is more about learning about you and what makes you happy than it is about choosing the latest trend. At Kezia Rose there is an extensive list of treatments to choose from as well as education in the form of Fix It Clinics, Spa Parties where you can get together with friends for a special occasion and Make Up classes where you will find out more about your unique beauty and making the most of it with the application of make up.

I hope to meet you soon in the beauty room and especially to find out more about you and what makes you happy.