Customised manicures and pedicures using the finest Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products products with natures most soothing and effective botanicals for soft, silky hands and feet. Finished with a gelish no chip colour your hands and feet will look perfectly polished for up to 3 weeks. Add yummy side orders to create your own special treatment.

Treatment Price
POLISH PERFECT HANDS- shape nails, work cuticles, gel polish and finish with hydrating cuticle oil £22
POLISH PERFECT FEET – foot spa, shape nails, work cuticles, gel polish and finish with softening balm £22

Side Orders

Treatment Price
EXFOLIATING SCRUB – To slough away dead skin cells, removed with warm towels £5
HYDRATING MASK – hands and feet are wrapped in warm towels while mask works to promote healthy, hydrated skin £5
MASSAGE – Cream massage to improve feelings of well being, help promote relaxation and decrease stress £5
GLITTER/GEMS – sparkly nails are so very pretty and you can choose to finish your “Polish Perfect” with a range of glitters and gems in a variety of colours and styles to ‘bling’ your nails to life £5
REMOVAL OF GEL COLOUR – you were lovely enough to visit and have your polish perfect treatment with us so the least we can do is safely and effectively remove the gel colour free of any extra charges