RELAXATION MASSAGE – A gentle massage using long, rhythmic techniques on the superficial layers of the muscles to relieve stress and relax the mind and body. A specific blend of oils suited to your individual needs will be created

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – Your body will be given a more vigorous treatment by working deeper into the muscle tissue. This massage is focused on relieving muscle aches and tension and is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains. Combining this with stretching techniques to promote flexibility you and your body will feel the full benefits of this treatment

HOT STONES – Using heated basalt stones to instantly relax and ease muscle tensions by working deep into the tissues. Stones are then placed on key energy points of the body to help promote energy flow and bring balance to body and mind

MATERNITY – This is a blissful experience for both mum to be and baby. Using gentle, slow and rhythmic massage techniques to promote deep well being and peace for you both. Our Neal’s Yard Mothers Massage Oil is infused with organic soya and almond helping to tone the skin and prevent stretch marks

Treatment Price
30 minutes £25
60 minutes £40
90 minutes £60


This massage starts with a thorough consultation to determine your physical and emotional needs. An aromatherapy blend of Neal’s Yard Organic essential oils will then be chosen as your massage oil. The treatment involves using Swedish massage and draining techniques with pressure point massage to relieve tension and encourage circulation.

Treatment Price
75 minutes £50